Adjustable Pallet Racks
Double Deep Racking System
Drive In Racks,Drive Thru Racks
Rack Supported Warehouse
Cantilever Racks
Mezzanine Floor
Boltless Shelving Racks,Rivet Racks
Slotted Angle Racks
Compactors Storage,Mobile Storage Racks
Metal Box Pallets,Metal Bin Boxes
Flat Metal Pallets
Turnkey Solutions

The brand GIRAFFE symbolizes trust, GIRAFFE provides competent consultancy across the globe and undertakes the designing of custom made solutions to specific storage solution requirements. We undertake turnkey project from inception to implementations with time bound completion of the projects as our main target with minimumgestation period for completion of the project completion. Apart from fitting the storage needs, GIRAFFE has the unparalleled advantage of having low cost per unit area. GIRAFFE offers services as:

Consultancy for design of material handling & storage systems for factories and warehouses.

Design and establishment of Green field Warehouses.

Enhancement in existing handling and storage facilities for optimum utilization of available resources.

Providing total solution from concept to completion, right down to installation.

Efficient after Sales-services.

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