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Rivet racks Shelving,Rivet Racking,Rivet Rack Storage Systen,Boltless racks Shelving,Boltless Racking,Boltless Rack Storage Systen

We are  leading Rivet rack manufacturers, these rivet racks are also called as boltless racks. The rivet racks are generally used for light duty or medium duty racks used in a rivet racking system. The rivet racking system provides an economical solution for diversified racking and shelving requirements, from the small back room to the multi-level archive storage system. The Part in rivet racking systems are interchangeable and easily assembled and this is an important feature of our rivet racks in rivet racking system due to which it is preferred for various storage problems and save money. We call Giraffe Rivet Shelving the Universal Shelf Framing System because so many storage requirements can be met by only a few simple components. Giraffe Rivet Shelving is engineered to provide safe, economical storage of virtually any type of hand loaded material. Structural integrity is ensured by a rigid boltless connection between beams and posts. .

Rivet racks Shelving,Rivet Racking,Rivet Rack Storage Systen,Boltless racks Shelving,Boltless Racking,Boltless Rack Storage Systen


• General-purpose shelving
• Departmental store shelving
• Multi-tier shelving
• Drawer racks
• Tool Cabinet
• Boltless
• Easy Self Assembly
• Economical
• Finished in Attractive Colors.
• Interchangeability of parts
• Provides clear Access from all sides
• Shelves are Adjustable at pitch of 1.5 inches/38 mm.
• Varieties of decking shelves

• Educational Institutes
• Hospitals
• Industries
• Library
• Logistic Companies
• Offices
• Warehousing
• Others

• Partition Plates
• Cladding Sheets
• Corner Plates
• Nuts and Bolts
• Plastic Feet
• Label Holders
Our Rivet Racking System offers the following Benefits for Racking & shelving solutions:

Low initial investment reduces shelving costs.
Quick labor saving installation reduces set-up costs

Steel frame construction extends shelving life.
Rigid boltless connection between posts and beams.
Secure double key hole and shoulder rivet connections
Simple Assembly
All pieces universal: No lefts or rights, no fronts or backs, no tops or bottoms.
Requires no cross or sway braces.

Allows access from any or all four sides.
Variety of beams to accommodate a wide range of loads.
Spans up to 8' to optimize storage



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