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 Concept - Conventionally, racks are built in already constructed warehouse. In a Rack Supported Warehouse  Warehouses are made first, and Racks are accommodated in the space available. However, it is found quite economical to have warehouse, which is supported on the Uprights of Racks, as structural members; and all the Roof Trusses, Lateral Purlins and Top & Side Sheeting are done along with Racks only. Rack supported warehouse offer unparallel benefits over the conventional warehouse racks, in-term of cost and flexibility
Of Racks Supported Warehouses Components   Palletized Warehouse Racking,Warehouse Storage Racking System,Warehouses Manufacturer India
Pre Engineered Building / Rack Supported Warehouses With Storage Solution has following ELEMENTS

  • Racks - Conventional/Double deep/Cantilever etc.
  • Truss Rafters - On every Upright or two.
  • Purlins – On Top and Sides with bigger spacing .
  • Roof Deck & Side Cladding Sheets - G.I./Colour Coated .

  • Other Elements to be done by Client
  • Civil work. - Foundation, Floor Slab, Side Walls, Gates.
  • Electrical Work – Light arrangements, power points.
  • Palletized Warehouse Racking,Warehouse Storage Racking System,Warehouses Manufacturer India
    ECONOMY due to savings in cost of

  • Columns
  • Foundation Footing Cost (Floating Foundation reqd)
  • Lighter Rafter sections due to Less Span, since middle racks also supports roof load. ( No bracings )
  • Lighter Purlin Section due to less C/C column spacing.
  • Optimized Space Planning is possible for type of material Handling Equipment selected. Hence saving of Floor space.
  • Illumination only in the Isles /Required Places.
  • All Advantages of P.E.B. (Pre Engg. Buildings)
  • The drive in system is also suitable for forming the main structure of a self supporting ware house.

  • Whole Structure is Light yet Very Sturdy for Wind / Seismic considerations.
    Saving of lot of botheration of Clients , as turn key project can be executed by one party system economically.

    Design Consideration Of Racks Supported Warehouses
    Pre Engineered Building With Storage Solution are generally designed for two categories :-

  • Ground operated Forklifts Trucks/ Stackers.
  • Overhead Stacker (Like Indef)

Economy – It s a proven fact that the cost of Warehouse supported by Racks, will certainly be economical than cost of warehouse & racks built separately. Now how much it is economical, will depend upon all the factors mentioned above.

Structural Analysis Of Racks Supported Warehouses– Rack assisted warehouse is not an OFF THE SHELF product, which can be designed as a standard product for all Conditions, at any place in India. Every case is an individual case, as far as manufacturing & structural analysis is considered. We certainly have a very effective and reliable design Support to analyze any case.


Civil Work
# Foundation
# Shop Floor
# Electrical installation for lights & fixtures for equipment
# Walls / Ventilator/Wind extractors Coated

Racks & Pre Engineered Element
# Racks & Accessories
# Portal truss
# Lateral Purlins
# Sheets for Roof & Side Cladding -G.I./ Color
Gal volume

# Pallets
Material Handling System

# Stacker/ For Lift Trucks
# Overhead Crane Stacker
# A S R S
# Raised Floors & Catwalk

Pre-Engineered Building ,Rack Supported Warehouse,Warehouse Racking,Warehouse pallet Racks


TRUSS Required Not Required
CIVIL WORK More Less civil work
HEIGHT Less ht. for storage Full ht. for storage
COST Expensive Less cost(20% less)
SPACE UTILIZATION Under utilization Optimum utilization

Pre-Engineered Building ,Rack Supported Warehouse,Warehouse Racking,Warehouse pallet Racks

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