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Flat Metal Pallet / Steel Pallets For Storage & Shelving Solution

metal pallet manufacturer,steel pallet crates,metal pallet crates,used metal palletsMetal pallets are mostly preferred to plastic pallets and wooden pallets. Metal pallet are most durable pallets as compare to other pallets. The major advantage of the metal pallets or steel pallets over other types of pallet are it provide more durability and negligible maintenance cost, this makes it most viable. Our custom metal pallets / steel pallet are cost effective, safe and durable. We are a leading Metal Pallets manufacturer in India maintain a high quality of the Metal Pallet that are virtually unbreakable and resistant chemical contamination or corrosive action. The Metal Pallets manufactured by us are custom engineered and designed and we can tailor make the Metal Pallets as per the specific needs of the customers.. Our metal pallets are as durable as they get! You don't have to replace metal pallets. Our Metal pallets come with galvanized metal finish.Furthermore the Metal Pallets has a very high loading bearing capacity they hold several thousand pounds of dead load without breaking or deformation of the metal pallet platform

Direct costs benefits with use of Metal Pallets / Steel Pallet For All Racking & Shelving Solutions.

• The Metal Pallet has over 15 year life-span of steel, wood costs more.
• Repair and maintenance expense when you don't select a Metal Pallets.
metal pallet manufacturer,steel pallet crates,metal pallet crates,used metal pallets
• Metal Pallet reduces the product damage and breakage cost thus reducing losses
• Metal Pallets reduces cost related to material handling (i.e., less damage to conveyors and forklift wheels, etc.
• Metal Pallets provide higher safety of hazard like Fire and reduces safety expense

• Metal pallet designed to carry a heavy dynamic and static load.
• Metal pallet are designed with serrations to provide load carrying capacity and to avoid stagnated dust & water.
• Metal pallets available in standard dimension, custom dimension can also be availed.
• Metal Pallet are best for heavy duty industrial storage solution.



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