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We are one the leader of Long Span Racking system manufacturers in India. The long span racking and shelving system comprises of a modular steel structure of frame and beam shelving that caters easily for storage of large bulky products. Our Long Span Racking system is resemble a light pallet racking system but are designed to store non-palletized goods. The Long span shelving can be categorized as an an intermediate application that fall in-between light-duty and heavy-duty storage solutions. Long span Racking are designed for loading/unloading products manually without mechanical equipment. The Long Span Racking system are most durable and is precision engineered, this enable the long span racks tp be durable and with maximum safety in use. The Long Span Racking Unit can be tailor made, as per the specific requirements of customers.

FEATURES OF LONG SPAN RACKING & SHELVINGLight Duty Shelving racks,Long Span Shelving Rack Supplier

• Available in wide range of sizes and duties
• Easily configured to meet your load volume, weight and handling requirements
• Adjustable beam levels for varying pallet heights
• Aisles designed for counter balance or reach truck operations


• Long Span Racking System provides easy accessibility to palletsLight Duty Shelving racks Manufacturer,Long Span Shelving Rack Manufacturer
• The Lon g Span Shelving system can easily manage non-uniform loads
• Long Span Racks are quite versatile and easily installed saving installation labor cost and time.


• Industries
• Educational Institutes (Tutorials)
• Automotive Components
• Pharmacy Industries
• Supermarkets
• Warehousing
• Logistic companies
• Others


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