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Industrial Racking System

Under  the brand name of Giraffe we offer various industrial racking system for all industrial storage solutions. The various type of Industrial Storage Racks that we manufacture are Pallet racks, Cantilever racks, Boltless shelves, double deep storage pallet racks are the various type of heavy duty industrial racks that we implement in an industrial racking system for various industrial storage solutions, Whether it's pallet rack, cantilever rack, bulk racks, stacking racks, or pallet rack systems, we have rack for every application.

When deciding on the type of pallet rack to use for industrial racking system we always take the following parameter into considerationHeavy Duty Industrial Racking System,Heavy Duty  Industrial Storage racks,heavy Duty racking system
  • Desired storage density in an industrial racking system
  • Floor space and building height of the industrial racking system for storage solution
  • Placement of building doors and columns used in designing the industrial racking system
  • Inventory accessibility of the industrial racking system
  • Inventory rotation in terms of movement of goods in the industrial racking system
  • Item/load size and weight in an industrial racking system
  • Optimal storage design for industrial racking system
  • Cost of materials and installation

No matter how small or large your palletized industrial  racking system needs,  Giraffe brand can provide you with the best design assistance that is backed by quality and experience. From full pick modules to rack supported mezzanines, rack supported ware housed ,  to catwalks, giraffe brand of racks has all of the capabilities, services and products that are required to effectively meet your specific goals for all storage solution using the heavy duty and light duty industrial racking system.

 Industrial Racking System, Industrial Storage racks,heavy Duty racking system

• Available in wide range of sizes
• Easily configured to meet your load volume, weight and handling requirements
• Adjustable beam levels for varying pallet heights
• Aisles designed for counter balance or reach truck operations

• The Industrial Racking System provides easy accessibility to pallets
Industrial Storage Solution,Industrial Racking System, Industrial Storage racks,heavy Duty racking system
• Easily manages non-uniform loads on the racks

• The Industrial Ra cking system are easily installed whilst its versatility makes it a cost effective solution
• Does not require specialist truck training
• Provides more per unit storage for the floor space


• Industries
• Educational Institutes (Tutorials)
• Automotive Components
• Pharmacy Industries
• Sugar Industries
• industrial Warehouses and stock yards
• Logistic companies
• various other industries



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