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Common FAQ for Racking & Storage Solution

Question.> How to Select Best Pallet Rack Shelving

Pallet Rack Shelving is used to store warehouse items horizontally and vertically. The items are shelved using skids or pallets, and make shipping easier. These are the best types of shelving to invest in.

Following Point Can Be Considered While Opting To Buy Best Pallet Rack for Shelving
01.>Choose pallet rack shelving that is made of steel components. Stay away from fiberglass or aluminum shelving, as these will provide enough strength and durability
02.>Choose heavy duty pallet racks which can be bolted together as fixtures. If you have to go with a used pallet rack, do so, but don't buy a rack that you have to snap together, such re used pallet racks may not be durable in the longer run.
03.>Choose pallet rack decking that has an appropriate footplate capacity of at least 20,000 lbs. Most warehouses use a standard 5" x 8" footplate which has about 36" of shelf spacing 04.>Choose pallet racks that which provide add-on units. Most pallet rack shelving has the option of adding more units as and when it is required for storage solution.

Question.> What are the parameters for purchasing a PALLET RACKS

Picking out pallet racking for your warehouse may seem a confusing task if you have not been exposed to a warehouse environment
What are the items you are storing?
What is the weight of the items you are storing?
What is the size of the items you are storing?
What is the height of your warehouse ceiling?
How high will your forklift lift?
Will the items be hand stacked on the racking, or will they placed in the rack using a forklift?
Are you placing the items on a standard size pallet (40"W x 48"D)?
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