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 Our Drive In Racks in the  Drive-In Racking system comprises of vertical upright frames and horizontal support rails, which allows pallets to be supported vertically and in multiple depths for the Drive In  racks. The support rails allow forklifts to enter the rack and so enables multiple depth storage. Drive In racking system is ideal for filling large areas of a warehouse with multi deep, multi wide and multi high blocks of pallets. Drive in Racking system  is usually specified for first in-last out storage situations. Perishable, crush able, unwieldy or awkward shaped goods that cannot be self stacked are likely candidates for this specialist solution. Cold stores often specify this type of racking as it is an ideal method when storing predictable batch movements of palletized loads. The Drive In Racking system provides blocks of static storage where pallets are stored two or more deep. Having driven in, the truck then has to reverse out. It offers restricted selectivity of individual pallets but provides effective high density storage with good use of the 'cube'. The continuous block's of Drive In Racks (no aisles) allows for truck access directly into the system placing goods next in line one behind the other on cantilevered rails each side of the lane
Drive In Storage Racks Supplier India,Drive-In Storage Racks Manufacturer india

  • A high density space efficient bulk storage system.
  • Can increase storage capacity by up to 60% over wide aisle racking.
  • Works on a first pallet in, last pallet out system.
  • Pallets stored on cantilevered rails.

  • Drive In Storage Racks Supplier India,Drive-In Storage Racks Manufacturer india
  • Strong and stable
  • High density storage
  • No specialist handling equipment required
  • Good for storing seasonal ranges.


  • Industries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Warehousing
  • Logistic companies
  • Others

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